Cafh - Inner Life


I leave this work to those who strive to expand their state of consciousness and work for the good of all human beings.

Jorge Waxemberg

Course Map:

  1. Inner Life
  2. Prayer
  3. The Meditation Exercise in Spiritual Life
  4. The Meditation Exercise and The Meditation State
  5. Vocational Discernment
  6. The Discursive Meditation
  7. Active Meditation And Passive Meditation
  8. Ascetic Deviations
  9. Renouncing The Sentimental
  10. Aridity
  11. The Meditation Exercise and Self-Knowledge
  12. Love as Renouncement
  13. Creative Imagination
  14. Life Commitment
  15. Renouncement in The World
  16. The Idea of Renouncement