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A global spiritual community.

After traveling from Italy to Argentina in 1927, Santiago Bovisio wished to bring the spiritual teaching and training from his home country to his new one.

He formed a community that was rooted in European spirituality, but open to influences from all over the world.

That community became Cafh, and it has grown into an ever-evolving, always-welcoming community that has expanded across the globe.

History Highlights

Early Expansion

Since the 1960s, word of Cafh’s teachings and methods traveled the world, spreading to communities in 20 countries.

Global Reach

Cafh’s flexible framework for living has resonated with people across Latin America, North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

Diverse Perspective

Cafh continues to grow, evolve and welcome new members to bring new perspectives to our open-minded spiritual community.

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