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About Cafh

Cafh is an ancient word that refers to inner strength. Although Cafh is not an acronym, some of us like to refer to it as “Care Always for Humanity,” as this phrase reflects our fundamental values.  Strength is needed to know ourselves, face our limitations, and care for humanity.

Cafh was founded in 1937 by Don Santiago Bovisio.  He immigrated to Argentina from Italy in the 1920s, taking with him the historical richness of a small, unknown spiritual group.  This richness included teachings, exercises, ideas, and a vision of what is possible for all human beings.  These ideas have now spread around the world to many countries.

In order to investigate the mystery of life, we need a place to begin. We begin by acknowledging that we really don’t know why we are here or what is the fundamental principle of the universe. This is the starting place for all the subsequent work that we do individually, in dialogues, and in group meditation meetings.

Our values come from our dedication to the good of humanity through individual work in each of our spheres of influence:  home, family, community, and beyond.  These values include love, respect, humility, service, listening, empathy, and unity.  Through our commitment to these values, we work for a better world.

Cafh’s main ideas, our principles, build the foundation for a brighter future. They bring us together, even when we disagree, and help guide us on our individual journeys.

These principles can be outlined as follows:

  • The world is bigger than us, and the universe is larger than we can possibly understand. Exploring together our inner work gives us a way to begin.
  • Peace is possible. When we apply what we learn in a productive way, we put peace and progress within reach.
  • Taking one place is enough. There is enough to go around when we don’t use more than we need.
  • Freedom is a fundamental right. As individuals, we have the right to think, feel, and make decisions about our own lives without the intervention of others. We also know that this freedom includes responsibility and the good of all.

Change in the world begins with each of us. To inspire change in others, we must open our hearts and minds. As Gandhi said, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Cafh’s meditations are unique and include different types of exercises that help us to understand ourselves and the world in new ways.

These include Discursive, Potential, Affective, and Passive Meditation exercises.

We encourage experimenting with one or more of the exercises, discovering what works best for us to be able to go deeper, expand our consciousness and understanding, and make better choices in life.

Yes. Cafh welcomes anyone who longs to know themselves at a deeper level beyond the roles that we take on in our daily lives.  Cafh excludes no one who sincerely wishes to expand their consciousness and offer something positive to the world through how they live.

Cafh is not a religion. We encourage an open-minded approach to exploring the mystery of life without imposing strict beliefs or a specific view of a higher power.  We all hold diverse personal views about spiritual life, which are respectfully welcomed and accepted.

Cafh Global is a website designed to share Cafh’s values, ideas, and practices worldwide. We are supported by Cafh Foundation, a nonprofit organization in the United States and Canada, which is part of a multicultural, multilingual presence in 27 countries.

The mission of Cafh Global is to make the ideas and practices of Cafh accessible around the world.  In this way, we open the possibility of expanding our love, our sense of belonging to a worldwide community, and our contribution to humanity.

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