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Learn from
like-minded individuals.

Why It Works

Discover new thinking and new friends.

Each week, small groups of Cafh members come together in person or online to meditate, learn and discuss new themes and ideas.

Cafh encourages members to search for their own answers to the fundamental questions of life, but meeting with individuals who are on similar journeys offers opportunities to hear from different points of view. Members learn to relate, especially with those they disagree with, in a safe and welcoming space.

We’re happy to share more about how meetings work and help you join one.

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Learn more about yourself through discussion with others.

Find spiritual community.
Group meetings are structured, but never rigid–we talk, learn, laugh and grow our relationships with each other every week.
Strengthen connections.
Through meditation, teaching and dialogue, we bond with the individuals in our groups and open ourselves to deeper connections outside of it.
Open your heart.
It’s not always easy to find a welcoming space to hear and share new thoughts and feelings. Our groups offer a safe space for silence and listening.

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We don’t know everything. But together we can learn more.

There are hundreds of Cafh groups meeting weekly all over the world. These meetings balance meditation, teaching and dialogue to reinforce and support everyone’s journey. Learn more about our groups and how to find one of your own.

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