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A collection of resources to guide your way.

Our teachings are not meant to instruct, but to inspire.

We have a wealth of resources based on the experiences and insights of not only our members, but also the great teachers of humanity.

Use these ebooks to open yourself to the lessons that life is always teaching.


“Spiritual life is founded on love, and love depends on the conscious and methodical unfolding of relationships.” Click to download.

Practices of Unfolding

“Whether we adhere to a belief system or not, we can all pray and revere the mystery of existence.” Click to download.

Words Matter

“How we use [language] determines not only the nature of our relationships but also the quality of what we feel.” Click to download.

Living Consciously

“In spite of what we might think, each choice, conscious or unconscious, has its effect on us and others.” Click to download.

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Our teachings aren't set in stone.

They’re meant to encourage discussion and reflection–we’d love to hear what you think.

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